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Autumn offer! Ask it now!!

Posted 7/10/2019

Act Now!!       Act Now!!         Act Now!!        Act Now!!        Act Now!!

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Posted 11/6/2019

Two FC-Tandem in stock, early bird catches the worm!

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FlyChair aluminum-plate made also in water cutting..

Lorenz Barchi, pilot of Stambekk-air in Switzerland

CE-Marking is coming!!

Posted 12/10/2017

Tandem FC - Autumn discount until October 20th!!!!

Posted 23/9/2017



Posted 19/2/2017

New season is starting, so if you are interested in FlyChair solo or Tandem model, make your order soon!
New series are ready in April – May 2017, maybe even sooner. We don`t produce FlyChairs in summer-time (June - July).

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FC -Tandem is available

Posted 25/11/2015

Tandem FC is tested and it works very nice.  Starting and landing are easy. All FC`s work also with winch-towing. Watch the video

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