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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it  to assemble FlyChair?
- It is very easy, we use quick pins and we have good manuals and video how you attach your harness.


How much does it weigh?
- About 13kg. Weight change when used bigger wheels or carbon fiber wheels.


What is it made of?
- Frame is aluminum and anodised. All parts are high quality.


Is there any warranty?
- Yes, if some parts get broken in normal use, we will send new parts.


Why this is better than the other trolleys?

- When you arrive at the aerodrome (start-hill), You can assemble quickly your FC.

- You can move independently for start (before take-off), just like with wheel-chair.

- When you land, the side wind does not fall over you because FC´s front wheels turn same direction where the wind pulls you. This helps take-off and landing every time!!!

- This works also for towing start.


How easy is it to attach harness to FlyChair?

- It is easy and fit almost all harness and now we have new part which help this.


If you have some special wishes for FlyChair, just let as know, we'll see what we can do about it!


- Exaple different frame colours.