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FlyChair - info

  • FlyChair has been developed for disabled paragliding over 15 years.
  • It´s also patented!
  • You can use emergency parachute in original position.
  • Total weight is 12- 15kg.
  • Very easy attachments which fit any type of harness!
  • You can move by yourself - just like with wheelchair!
  • All parts are aluminum and frame is anodized.
  • Easy attachments and fast buckles and quick pins.
  • It works also for towing-system and tandem paragliding for disabled passenger.
  • Starting and landing are easy!
  • Connect the harness with the chair and into the sky you fly!


- FlyCHair - Normal model: Include all, but no harness.
    Price:  2700

- FlyCHair -  Tandem Include all, but no harness.
    Price:  2800€


- FlyChair - Tandem: (incl. bigger front-wheels than on video)
+ Tandem spreader bars 250€ . (Bigger than normal tandem spreader bars.)

We recommend to use bigger spreader-bars because they will give more space for the pilot.

 + shipping in Europe abt. 130€ 

FC - Aluminum parts are water cut and anodised.
FC - Frame colour is black and it is also anodised.

FC - Assembling are made RST bolts. etc. fine parts.

FC is handmade!!!!


FC - Competition model (draft)FC - Competition model (draft)



For the average pilot designed for the traditional model where the feet are the cart footrest, and competition pilots designed for light weight and cocoon harness suitable model. than they actually are.